Affiliate Marketing Training and Resources

While affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to start earning online, it does require focused and consistent effort. The less you know coming in, the more you will need to learn. The training resources and tools provided here can help you save time, money and frustration.

Don’t buy into the get-rich-quick hype and shiny object syndrome. No person, product, or service is going to do all the hard work while you sit on your butt, or vacation on a sunny beach. At some point, you will need to wake up, make a plan, and take action on what you learn.

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Without Visitor Traffic and Leads...You Have No Online Business

Like any brick and mortar business, your online business must have visitors. Most importantly; you must convert your visitors into buyers. DigeeBiz is designed to help you identify the right audience for your offers. We accomplish this by providing you with fact-based digital marketing information and sources of reliable and effective marketing tools.

If you’re not dedicating 80% of your time and resources to marketing and promoting your business, you’re doing it wrong. We take a “zero-hype” approach to digital marketing and operating a successful digital business. If you’re confused and un-focused, the tools, resources, and information presented here can help you get on the right track.

Marketing and Promotion Training

LeadsLead Marketing Platform

When it comes to Internet marketing, there’s a lot of crap floating around. DigeeBiz can help you push through the BS and focus on what works.

Learning as much as you can about effective marketing and promotion methods is of great importance. It’s a valuable skill-set that will help you succeed and profit online.

Click the link below to access the marketing training and resources page. The page is updated often to include email marketing, safelist marketing, traffic exchange marketing, social media marketing, general traffic building strategies and more.

Initially, you can get a lot of marketing knowledge through your LeadsLeap (LL) account resources. I highly recommend you explore the links in the left panel of your LL dashboard. Read the blog posts and make use of the LL Support system when you have questions.

Your free LeadsLeap account will provide you with all the tools you need as you begin following this training. After you sign up, you will have access to the following tools…

    • Autoresponder Service
    • Link Tracker
    • Page Builder with Hosting
    • PopUp Generator with Hosting

You can use these valuable tools to create email marketing campaigns at no cost. With the additional training and resources available from DigeeBiz, you will gradually expand your marketing knowledge.

With greater skills and knowledge, you will have the ability to move on to more advanced marketing and promotion methods and techniques. Our free report will help you learn more about LeadsLeap and show you how referring others can be a profitable endeavor.