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Email Marketing

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Of all the digital marketing methods available, email is by far the most productive. The time and resources you invest in email marketing will greatly benefit your bottom-line.

Email is a powerful marketing channel with unprecedented reach and high ROI when properly used. The training information and resources will help you learn the proper way to use email marketing in your digital business.



Proper link and conversion tracking will help you save money on advertising and boost the ROI on your marketing campaigns. The options listed below will allow you to get started for free, or a very low cost.

Track Your Click : They provide you with 10 link trackers, 10 rotator links, and conversion tracking. They also add a branding bar. The Pro Account is $3.47 monthly or $14.99 per year with 50 link trackers, 25 rotators, and conversion tracking.

Track My Sites : The free account gives you 10 tracked links, 10 rotator links and adds a brand bar at the top of each tracked page. Their Pro account gives you 50 link trackers, 50 rotator links, removal of the branding bar, and conversion tracking. The cost is $5.95 per month or $47 per year.