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In addition to delivering real buyer traffic to your pages and offers, these tools also provide you with a learning opportunity. As you view other members’ pages, take notes of the ones that pique your interest. You may also want to take screenshots or save the site link in a Bookmark Folder.

If a page appeals to you, there is a good chance it will appeal to many others. Tweak the idea and add your own personality to it. NEVER copy someone else’s pages unless they give you the rights to do so or provide you with a Share Code to duplicate pages.

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Marketing Tip

I recommend you use your own link tracker and rotator with any of these sources. Using a rotator will give you the ability to promote multiple offers at once. It also gives you the ability to swap out your promo links on the fly with provides greater link management flexibility.

You can create a free LeadsLeap account that will provide you with 10 link trackers and the ability to set up a link rotator.

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