Safelist and Exchange Marketing

Safelist and exchange marketing campaigns still get results. The key to success with this ad media is organization and consistency. This type marketing includes safelist mailers, traffic exchanges, advertising co-ops, ad exchanges, banner exchanges, classified ads, and downline builders.

If you are looking to get started, this page and connected tools and resources will be invaluable. You will get access to tips that will help you save both time and money. You will also be introduced to tools that will help you conduct more successful safelist and exchange ad campaigns.

Safelist Exchange Marketing

One of the fastest ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your mailer and exchange marketing efforts is through the use of automation. Referral Frenzy allows you to do just that. Send your email ad messages to 289,000+ safelist members with a little preparation and a few clicks.

They currently have 122 safelist mailers in the database. Every so often new mailers are added and ineffective ones removed. Overall, the number of safelist mailers grows year after year.

As a free member, you will have the ability to get setup by adding your login data for all the listed mailers. If you are just getting started, I recommend joining and adding 15 to 20 sites each day. Once you are done, upgrade to a paid account and begin blasting your email messages.

The list of sites below offer free advertising credits. In addition to shaving time off your credit surfing, they also help you get off to a quick start.

Ads Messenger Code: ADS2021 (1 message post with 100 guaranteed clicks (code activated by reading 15 message posts))

Classic Solo MailerGet 1500 mailing credits when you join.

Free Business Builder – Code: freebusinessbuilder (10 x 2500 Banner Ad Views, 10 x 2500 Text Ad Views) – Code: get1fbbsolo (1 Solo Ad) AdExchg

AE Mailer Code: newmember (2,000 mailing credits)

DigiProducts Code: digiproducts (10 x 2000 banner ad views, 10 x 2000 text ad views) Code: get1digisolo (1 solo ad) AdExchg

Pro Traffic Generator Code: welcome (5 x 5000 banner ad views)
Code: GOLD (5 x 5000 text ad views, Gold upgrade)