Get Instant Viral Visitors with CashBlurbs

CashBlurbs allows you to get free viral traffic via their huge community network. Blurbs are short one line ads/cashblurbs that appear on the CashBlurbs site.

The site currently gets an average of 50,000 visits daily. This means there is the potential for lots of “eyeballs” viewing your ads.

They employ what is called, a “social traffic forwarding system”. Here is how it works…

Prior to posting a cashblurb, you must first share another member’s ad on your Facebook or Twitter account. They make sharing simple and can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Other Cashblurb members will be doing the same with your cashblurbs. Not only do you get exposure on the Cashblurbs site, you also get added exposure on hundreds of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets!

This is viral marketing at it’s best.

You will need to have Facebook and Twitter accounts with at least 75 followers/friends. If you don’t have that many followers or friends, here are some tips…

On Facebook, join a few groups related to your niche. In most cases, you will begin getting “friend requests” shortly after joining the groups.          — Continue below the video. >>

You can speed up the process by sending friend requests to other members of the group. Before sending requests, I recommend you review each potential friend’s Facebook page. Go with those who look most influential.

For Twitter, seek out and follow others in your market niche. This time, you want to look for regular people who appear to be at the same level as you.

The reason being; they are more likely to follow you back. People with large, popular Twitter accounts are less likely to follow you back.

Join free and post up to 10 ‘cashblurbs’ per day. The premium option You can also start with a 15-day $7 trial. After the trial, you will pay $20 per month and have the ability to post unlimited ads.

You could potentially have 1,000’s of people viewing your ad message as a result of the viral nature of this traffic source.

Remember, posting consistently is the key.

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