Traffic Generation

Without Internet visitor traffic, nothing else really matters. People and their online spending habits is what makes everything go.

Here is what CNBC Retail had to say about online spending for 2018…

"U.S. online spending during the holiday shopping season is likely to grow 
14.8 percent this year to $124.1 billion, far outpacing the 2.7 percent growth
predicted for brick-and-mortar locations and highlighting the ongoing switch
from stores to web shopping."

All those billions of dollars are the result of web visitor traffic (people) making purchases online. According to many economic professionals, the annual growth of online spending is predicted to continue into 2022 and beyond.

This section is all about traffic generation. It contains paid and free methods and strategies that will drive visitors (traffic) to your web properties and offers. 

More importantly, you will learn the psychology involved in which the “people” who create the “traffic”. This means understanding what they want and need. Once you learn this, you can deliver the products and/or services that address those wants and needs.

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