About DigeeBiz

DigeeBiz focuses on methods and strategies that help you launch and grow your online, digital-age business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small one-man, home-based operation or a little further along; the information and resources presented here can be of great benefit to you.

About the Owner

My name is Calvin Merrick. I launched DigeeBiz as a small effort to counter the scams and false promises that continue to pervade the make money online industry.

Here are some interesting facts you should know about my experience with all things digital and internet.

I purchased my first computer in 1984. It was a Mattel Aquarius with a 3.5MHz Zilog Z80 microprocessor and whopping 4KB of RAM. It had a 40 column thermal printer that used the same type paper roll as many cash registers.

With that purchase, my love for computers and technology was sealed. It also led me to buying a Commodore 64 and signing up with Q-Link (the predecessor of AOL) in 1985.

Two years later in 1987, I started a bulletin board system (BBS). I sold access to software applications, utilities and game files. 

At the height of my BBS Sysop career, visitors would dial-in from their phones and connect to one of my 12, 14.4 bits per second modems. From there they could access the bulletin board forums and other free areas. 

For purchases, people would enter their credit-card or e-check info to access the paid stuff. No PayPal back then. We had to qualify and sign up for a full-fledged credit card merchant account.

From 1987 to about 1992, I built on the BBS. Upgrading software along the way, using PCBoard, RBBS, Spitfire, Wildcat BBS, and a few others. I also started selling information text files and reports when the AOL branded services became available in 1991.

After joining in on a forum conversation in late 1991, I learned about Microsoft’s new certification program. 

When the World Wide Web came along around 1994, I’m willing to bet I was one of the first surfers to explore the wonders of this exciting new, albeit virtual world. Sometime around 1997, I launched my first information product, “The Internet Marketer’s Success Guide.” The rest as they say, is history.

I guess I could have exploited the “guru” angle but to what end? I and my family were and are comfortable. Between sales from my early Internet endeavors and working as an MCSE certified server architect engineer, I was in six-figures.

I’m retired now and prepared to dedicate myself full-time to the digital business and marketing arena. Hoping you can benefit from my experience and insight.