Email Marketing & List Building

An autoresponder service is one of the ‘must have’ tools you will need in your marketing arsenal. Below, you will find information about two of the industry’s largest services.

Below, are two of the most popular autoresponder services available. You will find other related tools and resources that will help you learn more about email marketing and list building.

An alternative to using multiple stand-alone solutions would be to use a marketing suite that includes an autoresponder as well as all the other tools you will need. This would be an excellent choice for beginners. All things being equal, this option is the least expensive. 

This would include marketing platforms like…LeadsLeap. The benefit of using this type platform is that it gives you access to several other marketing tools  (i.e. page and funnel builders, link tracking, rotators, etc.) without incurring a monthly expense for each separate tool.

Aweber will allow you to create one campaign and add up 500 subscribers. You pay nothing until your subscriber count exceeds 500. One of Aweber’s high points are their strong deliverability rates. This means your email messages are more likely to go to your subscribers’ Inboxes.

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GetResponse is another well-established autoresponder company.  They claim their deliverability rate is up to 68% higher than their competitors. They feature powerful, automatic message personalization, smart tracking, reasonable initial pricing and much more.

Unlike Aweber, they do not offer a free account level. Instead, you can take advantage of their 30-day free trial.